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Increase productivity by using our AI email writer to quickly compose and reply to emails in seconds.

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How to Use Our AI Email Generator

Step 1

Provide Instructions to AI

Enter the essential details for the AI to compose your email. You can include the email subject, purpose, core message, and any required actions.
Step 2

Select the tone and language

Choose the tone (casual, formal, promotional, etc.) and, if desired, select from available email templates. Click "Generate," and the AI email generator will create a draft based on your inputs.
Step 3

Review and Customize

Check the AI-generated email and modify fields as appropriate, such as recipient title and signature. If the content is not smooth or does not conform to the current situation, you can click "Improve" or "Regenerate" to adjust it.

Benefits of Using AI for Email Writing

Overcome Writing Blocks

No more struggling with how to write a professional email. Let AI handle all kinds of emails, including sales outreach emails, follow-ups, cover letters, and more.

Boost Work Productivity

Our AI email writer makes it easy to generate high-quality email drafts that aligns with your requirements in seconds. Boost your productivity and improve workflow efficiency.

Tone & Templates

Choose from a variety of tones and templates designed for different scenarios like sales, support etc. Our AI customizes emails based on your chosen preferences.

Multi-language Support

Break down language barriers and grow your business globally. Our AI email generator supports over 30 languages so you can easily communicate and engage with a global audience.

Personalized Training

You can train the AI email writer to better understand your writing preferences, spelling, and tone of voice. Or generate various types of emails to test open rates and engagement.

Advanced NLP

Benefit from advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, our AI email generator processes large amounts of data instantly, enabling the generation of highly accurate emails.

Cover All Kinds of Emails

By using our AI email writer to automate the most common responses, you can focus solely on value-added activities.
Job Application Email
Resignation Mail
Marketing Email
Sales Email
Confirmation Email
Thank You Email
Follow-Up Email
Business Proposal Email
Customer Support Email
Event Invitation Email
Sick Leave Email
Out of Office Reply Email
Newsletter Email
Reminder Email
Love Letter
Apology Email
+ And More

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AI Email Writer FAQs

Aimailhub is free to use for 3 generation credits daily.

Yes, by specifying your requirements in the input field and choosing different templates and tones for individual recipients, the AI can craft personalized emails.

Yes, our AI email writer does not retain any user information.

For now, responses must be made manually.

Currently No. But we're working on a Chrome extension for AI Email Reply to help compose and reply to emails in Gmail.